Collectables Program with

Spoiled Rotten Boutique & Art Gallery


Purpose: The Collectables Program allows people to purchase more expensive items such as art from Spoiled Rotten and make payments there by allowing it to be possible to collect art.

Terms: There are no finance charges associated with this program. Here is how it works:

         Pay 1/3 down and you can take the art with you.

If the art is under $500 in cost including tax then you make 3 monthly payments

If the art is over $500 in cost including tax then you make 6 monthly payments

For example

         Art work is $900

                 Pay $300 and take picture

                 Pay $100 each month for 6 months

We need two credit cards just in case one doesn’t work for the payment.

Rules: If neither card works, we will try to contact you. Please contact us with an alternate payment source if you know your card will not work. We will charge on the same day of the month each month. Anyone with an outstanding charge will not be allowed to charge more art until this art is paid off.  Your signature means you understand your responsibility to pay these charges. Spoiled Rotten has the right to deny anyone who is delinquent in payment from participating in this program.